IP405 Management of Asbestos in Buildings

IP405 International Proficiency Qualification Management of Asbestos in Buildings

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IP405 Management of Asbestos in Buildings is the second in the suite of international asbestos qualifications following on from and complementing IP402 Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings. The effective management of asbestos is an essential and challenging area of work, often requiring the procurement of services from asbestos surveyors, removal contractors, assessors and analysts. This qualification provides the background knowledge required to make better procurement decisions and to monitor the quality of the services by understanding the work procedures and acceptable standards of performance.


The risk to health from asbestos in buildings is a worldwide problem and Envirospect offer this course. The international asbestos qualifications focus on all aspects of asbestos management and provide a taste of the different approaches used around the world.

The qualification is designed to provide the background knowledge required to procure good quality asbestos surveying, removal, assessment and analytical services and to monitor the standard of the services by understanding the work procedures.


5 days including assessment and exams.

Who should attend?

The qualification is suitable for duty holders and persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), or anyone who provides assistance to them in the discharge of their responsibilities.

It is also suitable for anyone who:

manages asbestos in buildings; 

procures asbestos-related services; 

wishes to progress into asbestos management from asbestos surveying, assessment or analysis.

Entry requirements

Before taking the qualification, candidates should have an awareness of the health risks associated with asbestos in buildings and the general methods for exposure control.

Candidates also need good literacy and numeracy skills to complete the examinations

Course content

  • the properties of asbestos and health effects of exposure to asbestos fibres;
  • an introduction to regulatory requirements;
  • types of asbestos and its uses in buildings;
  • types of asbestos surveys;
  • the asbestos register, risk assessment and management plan;
  • asbestos remediation;
  • the role of asbestos analysts and laboratory procedures.


The qualification is structured into five sections, each with an indicative time allocation:

  1. Asbestos Properties and Regulatory Requirements   20%
  2. Management of Asbestos in Buildings   30%
  3. Asbestos Remediation   20%
  4. Role of Laboratory/Analyst   5%
  5. Practical Work   25%

Achieving the Qualification

Candidates are required to pass two written examinations.

Written Examinations  

Written theory examination (WT);  

Written practical examination (WP).