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Asbestos and Hazardous Materials

Our hazardous substances management plans cover everything from risk assessment and registering of the materials, through to procedures to minimise their impact in the future. We can assist with creating contingency plans in case the worst happens, and we can train your staff in how to react in case of an emergency.

Envirospect are experienced environmental consultants and Licensed Asbestos Assessors. We can handle all aspects of asbestos testing and inspections, including analytical laboratory testing. We adhere to strict guidelines surrounding the correct identification and management of asbestos materials to ensure the safety of our team and yours.

Management surveys for occupied spaces

An assessment of the building and surrounds to determine the risk associated with asbestos containing materials (ACMs). This survey includes the identification, and analysis (where necessary) of ACMs, assessment of disturbance possibilities, the condition of the ACM, the potential for releasing airborne fibres and a specifically designed management plan.

Refurbishment or demolition surveys

A mandatory assessment before any work is done to the building. This survey identifies the extent of ACMs in the area and plans the safe removal before any demolition or refit. This option is exhaustive and intrusive to the fabric of the building and generally requires the building to be unoccupied for it to be completely safe and effective.

Contaminated Sites (Land and Water)

Envirospect provides specialist support and guidance in land and water quality assessments. We offer consultancy for environmental impact or contaminated site assessments and processes. We adopt a risk-based phased approach from the initial investigation through to any ongoing site management and/or remediation that may be required. All work is conducted in accordance with the required contaminated land legislation for your State or Territory.

Broad-ranging asset surveys

  • Industrial
  • Government (Local, State and Federal)
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Education (Private and Government)

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