Worldwide Solutions

Envirospect has the infrastructure in place to carry out international vessel surveys. We have proven to future clients that using Envirospect for vessel surveys internationally is a cost-effective solution.

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Vessel Asbestos Survey

Local ports, Interstate or Internationally.

Envirospect undertake an Asbestos Materials Surveys to ascertain the location, extent, type and condition of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs on the vessels). Envriospect also will project manage the asbestos removal and asbestos remediation works.

Understanding in-port management

Envirospect is responsive and are able to dispatch a team of consultants to the relevant port of your vessel within hours of receiving the request.

Envirospect has experience relating to asbestos vessel surveys and demonstrates flexibility and reliability on projects and is able to apply due consideration to locations and timeframes.

Services include;

  1. Asbestos Survey.
  2. Asbestos Removal Management.
  3. Air Monitoring & Asbestos Clearance Report.
  4. Provision of Asbestos Free Certification/Declarations.

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